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10/02/2008, Divani Palace Hotel, Larissa.
First Pan-Hellenic presentation of the topic of «Otoplasty with the use of laser» in the presence of pr. Serge Mordon, University Hospital, Lille, France.


Central News of ANTENNA Channel.
«Kalimera Ellada» (Good morning Greece) ANTENNA Channel.
«SimvaineiTora» (Happening Now) NET Channel.
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23/06/2008, «Kalimera sas» (Good morning) ALPHA TV. – Reconstruction of prominent ears and deviated nasal septum with the use of laser technique.


8/02/2008 – Newspaper «ETHNOS».
Beautiful ears with the use of laser.
Revolutionary septoplasty surgery.

26/08/2008 – Newspaper «ELEFTHEROTYPIA».
Laser technique for prominent ears and the nasal septum.
The deviated nasal septum (section YGEIA 23-7-2011).

Publications of articles in the local newspaper of Larissa «ELEFTHERIA» with the title:
Rhinoplasty: The art of the nose.
Snoring and sleep apnea disorder – A disease of the modern world.
Anti-aging facial modern methods – The key to beauty.
The nasal septum and its role in the function and appearance of the nose.
New revolutionary method for correcting deformities of the infantile pinna.
Otoplasty with the use of laser technique.
For a more beautiful face profile… Facial plastic surgery, modern views and latest news.
Painless nasal septal restoration.
The challenge in the face – Aesthetic and functional rhinoplasty.
Noses for every taste…
Non surgical treatments for the «weekend» – for a brighter face.
Restoration of deviated nasal septum with the use of laser technique.
Aesthetic facial plastic surgery – the challenge of our times.

Publications of articles in the local newspaper «IMERISIOS KIRIKAS» with the title:
Laser treatment for the face- a modern, safe and effective non-surgical method for facial anti-aging.
Revolutionary laser technique for correcting the prominent ears.

Revolutionary method for correcting the prominent ears with the use of laser technique.